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Jobs are a type of Quests issued by Factions. Completing jobs grants K-Marks, Faction Reputation and Scrips.

See also: For missions within Faction Campaigns, see Missions.

List of jobs

ICA-issued jobs are involve a variety of tasks, especially involving Data Drives.

ICA Jobs
Job Unlock Lvl Difficulty Tasks Rewards
Calorie Deficit 3 Easy
Water Filtration System 4 Easy
Secure the LZ 5 Easy
Data Drive II 6 Medium
Energy Crisis II 6 Medium
Let it grow 6 Medium
Data Drive III 7 Medium
Storm Interference 7 Medium
Mouths to feed 7 Medium
New Beds 8 Medium
Parasites 8 Medium
Proprietary Technology 8 Medium
Pest Control 9 Medium
Retaliation 9 Medium
Shady Deal 9 Medium
Tour Guide 10 Medium
Energy Crisis III 10 Medium
Emergency Power 11 Medium
Ammo Supplies 11 Medium
Gluttony 11 Medium
Station Defense 12 Medium
Data Drive IV 12 Hard
Scrapping Station Improvements 12 Hard
Air Lock Upgrades 13 Medium
Data Drop 13 Hard
Alternative Energies 13 Hard
Target Practice 14 Hard
Data Drive V 14 Hard
A Craving 14 Hard
Sabotage 15 Hard
Arms Race 15 Hard
On Our Team 15 Hard
Old Currency (Job) 16 Hard
Debugging 16 Hard
Hallowed Ground 16 Hard
Biomimicry 16 Hard
Recoil Compensation 17 Hard
Field Supplies 17 Hard
Prim & Proper 17 Hard
Espionage II 18 Hard
A Solution 18 Hard
Spare Parts 18 Hard
New 3D Printer 19 Hard
Energy Crisis (ICA) 19 Hard
Restoring the Balance 19 Hard
Forest Clearing 20 Hard
Data Drive VI 20 Hard
Provide an Advocate 20 Hard
Striking Big 20 Hard
Negating the Area 20 Hard

Korolev-issued jobs generally involve mining and industrial processes.

Korolev Jobs
Job Unlock Lvl Difficulty Tasks Rewards
New Mining Tools 3 Easy
Prove your skills 3 Easy
Field Repairs 4 Easy
Excavation Gear 5 Easy
Clear Veltecite (Job) 6 Medium
Stability is Key 6 Medium
Explosive Excavation 7 Medium
Time to Focus 7 Medium
Mining Bot 8 Medium
Jamming the Comms 8 Medium
No Expiry Date 8 Medium
Pure Veltecite (Job) 9 Medium
Rattle the Cage 9 Medium
Meteor Shards (Job) 9 Medium
None of your Business 10 Medium
Titans of Industry 10 Medium
Insufficient Processing Power 11 Medium
Crystal Frenzy 11 Medium
Clearing the Dig Site 11 Medium
Eliminate the Threat 12 Medium
Meteor Core (Job) 12 Hard
Testing the Arsenal 12 Hard
Geologist 13 Hard
Protect our Claim 13 Hard
Excavator Improvements 14 Hard
Industry Secret 14 Hard
Leaving a Mark 14 Hard
A new type of Alloy 15 Hard
Veltecite Hearts (Job) 15 Hard
Stashing Safety 15 Hard
Automated Security 16 Hard
Laser Rifles 16 Hard
Shards of pure Power 16 Hard
Energy Crisis (Korolev) 17 Hard
Live Fire 17 Hard
Stocking Up 17 Hard
Classified II 18 Hard
Crashed Ship (Job) 18 Hard
Shock and Awe 18 Hard
Winged Pests 18 Hard
Unlimited Power 19 Hard
Sales Pitch 19 Hard
Upgrades 19 Hard
Classified I 20 Hard
Burying the Lead 20 Hard
Battery Day 20 Hard
Exclusive Drilling Rights 20 Hard
Wastage Replacement 20 Hard

Osiris-issued jobs generally involve things related with the planet's flora and fauna. This includes gathering flora such as Brightcap Mushrooms or Dustbloom, or killing fauna such as Striders.

Osiris Jobs
Job Unlock Lvl Difficulty Tasks Rewards
Lab equipment 3 Easy
For Science 3 Easy
Population Control I 4 Easy
Pale Ivy (Job) 5 Easy
Surveillance Center 6 Medium
Behavioral Analysis III 6 Medium
Gun Manufacturing 7 Medium
Secure the Perimeter 7 Medium
Indigenous Fruit (Job) 7 Medium
Protect our Investments 8 Medium
Clear the Swamp 8 Medium
Flexible Sealant 8 Medium
Lense Repairs 9 Medium
Technical Supplies 9 Medium
Cross-Breeding 9 Medium
Xeno-Archaeology I 10 Medium
Egg Delivery III 10 Medium
Dustbloom (Job) 10 Medium
Superior Firepower 11 Medium
Botanist III 11 Medium
Cretins 12 Hard
Unstable Sample 12 Medium
Behavioral Analysis IV 12 Hard
Sensor Array Repairs 13 Hard
Toxin Testing 13 Medium
Research Drone Repairs 13 Hard
A new Energy Source 14 Hard
Muddied Waters 14 Hard
Bad Acid 14 Hard
Brains over brawn 15 Hard
Xeno-Archaeology II 15 Hard
Stormy Samples 15 Hard
Data Center Upgrades 16 Hard
Lab Rats 16 Hard
Core Values 16 Hard
Keep the Experiment running 17 Hard
Sanitation 17 Hard
Don't get crushed 17 Hard
Pinnacle of Evolution 18 Hard
Promising Results 18 Hard
Stormy Samples II 18 Hard
Behavioral Analysis V 19 Hard
Harvest Day 19 Hard
Loadout Drop 19 Hard
Fascinating Flora 19 Hard
Between dark clouds 19 Hard
Safety Measures 20 Hard
Living Black Box 20 Hard
Internal Combustion 20 Hard
The Rarest Sample 20 Hard
In Charge 20 Hard

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