Derelict Explosives

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Derelict Explosives
Rarity Uncommon
Spawn Locations
K-Marks / Weight341
Faction Reputation17
Faction Rep / Weight3

Derelict Explosives is an Uncommon item found as loot on Fortuna III. It can most commonly be found in Korolev buildings.


Fortuna IIIs settlers took to using explosives to both mold the environment to their liking and get rid of the local pests. Can still be sold on the station, for fireworks of course.

Spawn location

Spawn chance per container
ContainerMax spawn chance
Dumpster Tier 15.47%
Dumpster Tier 28.17%
Dumpster Tier 311.76%
Dumpster Tier 418%
Dumpster Tier 526.4%
Hidden Stash Tier 11.06%
Hidden Stash Tier 21.12%
Hidden Stash Tier 31.18%
Hidden Stash Tier 41.31%
Hidden Stash Tier 51.48%

Printing recipe

This item can be printed at the gear printer using the following recipe:


Derelict Explosives has one or multiple uses in The Cycle: Frontier. To complete all missions and quarter upgrades, this item is needed 30 times.

Uses for Derelict Explosives
Type Quantity
Race to the Bottom Part 14 6
Explosive Delivery Part 1 6
Classified I 10
Explosive Excavation 4
Classified II 10
Sabotage 8
Jamming the Comms 2
Personal Quarters
Reduce PQ Upgrade Time 9.2 18
Printing Recipes
Orbital Cannon Beacon 3
Shotgun Converter 1


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