Derelict Explosives

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Derelict Explosives
Derelict Explosives.png
Type Construction
Rarity Uncommon
Weight 5 UI-WeightIcon.png
Sell value 1709 UI-KMarks.png
Value per weight 342 UI-KMarks.png
Faction Points 17
Faction reputation per weight 3.4 Weight icon.png

Derelict Explosives is an Uncommon item found as loot on Fortuna III. It can most commonly be found in Korolev buildings.

In-Game description

Fortuna IIIs settlers took to using explosives to both mold the environment to their liking and get rid of the local pests. Can still be sold on the station, for fireworks of course.


It can be found in Dumpsters in high danger area's, typically on Crescent Falls.

Its at least very rare or unable to find on Bright Sands.


This item is used in the following missions, jobs, upgrades, printing recipes:


This item is required a total of 6 times to complete the following missions.

Explosive Delivery Part 1


This item is required to complete the following jobs.

Explosive Excavation
10× Classified I
10× Classified II
Jamming the Comms

Printing Recipes

Personal Quarter

Derelict Explosives is used in the following Personal Quarters upgrades

Generator Upgrades


Inventory Upgrades


Workbench Upgrades

Workbench Level Upgrade Quantity
Quarters Upgrade Time 9 2/3 18x

Quarters Upgrades