Optic Glass

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Optic Glass
Optic Glass.png
Type Scientific
Rarity Uncommon
Weight 4 UI-WeightIcon.png
K-Marks 338 KMarks.png
K-Marks / Weight 85 KMarks.png
Faction Reputation 3
Faction Rep / Weight 0.8 Weight icon.png

Optic Glass is an uncommon item found as loot on Fortuna III. It is abundant in Osiris buildings. Found as loose loot in Waterfall Labs, Vaccine Labs and Crashed Ship.

In-Game description

Perfectly polished, lenses like these often find themselves used more in high-powered cutting machinery than in actual optic equipment.


Can be found in Cabinets.


This item is used in the following missions, jobs, upgrades, printing recipes:


This item is required a total of 24 times to complete the following missions.

Good Honest Work Part 2
Veltecite for the Masses Part 1
Research Costs Part 1
Field Research Part 1
Laser Show Part 2


This item is required to complete the following jobs.

Station Defense
Lab equipment
Sensor Array Repairs
Lense Repairs

Printing Recipes

Personal Quarter

Optic Glass is used in the following Personal Quarters upgrades

Generator Upgrades

Generator Level Upgrade Quantity
K-Marks Rate 2 4/5 11x
Aurum Rate 4 4/5 11x

Inventory Upgrades


Workbench Upgrades


Quarters Upgrades