Compound Sheets

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Compound Sheets
Compound Sheets.png
RarityCommonRarity.svg Common
Spawn Locations
Weight5 UI-WeightIcon.png
K-Marks150 KMarks.png
K-Marks / Weight30 KMarks.png
Faction Reputation2 Reputation.png
Faction Rep / Weight0 Reputation.png

Compound Sheets is a CommonRarity.svgCommon item found as loot on Fortuna III. It can be found almost anywhere.


Standardized metal and plastic sheets like these are used to print everything from tractors to weapons, so long as you follow the right printing instructions.


Can be found in any Structures and Containers.

Spawn location

Spawn chance per container
ContainerMax spawn chance
Industrial Container Tier 153.03%
Industrial Container Tier 230.92%
Industrial Container Tier 313.43%
Industrial Container Tier 416.67%
Industrial Container Tier 59.09%
Dumpster Tier 137.88%
Dumpster Tier 228.99%
Dumpster Tier 322.39%
Dumpster Tier 420%
Dumpster Tier 510.91%
Hidden Stash Tier 14.02%
Hidden Stash Tier 23.91%
Hidden Stash Tier 33.83%
Hidden Stash Tier 43.76%
Hidden Stash Tier 53.66%
Civilian Locker Tier 145.45%
Civilian Locker Tier 234.78%
Civilian Locker Tier 326.87%
Civilian Locker Tier 420%
Civilian Locker Tier 516.36%


Compound Sheets.pngCompound Sheets has one or multiple uses in The Cycle: Frontier. To complete all missions and quarter upgrades, this item is needed 43 times.

Uses for Compound Sheets
Type Quantity
What a Tool! Part 2 5
Heavy Construction Part 1 20
Recoil Compensation 12
A new type of Alloy 12
Water Filtration System 8
Classified I 15
Personal Quarters
Personal Quarters Level 2 5
Aurum Generator Cap 1.4 5
Supply Crate Level 1.2 3
Increase Stash Size 1.3 5
Printing Recipes
Heavy Quickdraw.pngHeavy Quickdraw 4
Medium Quickdraw.pngMedium Quickdraw 3
Medium Extended.pngMedium Extended 2
Shotgun Quickdraw.pngShotgun Quickdraw 4
Shotgun Extended.pngShotgun Extended 3
Heavy Extended.pngHeavy Extended 3
Light Extended.pngLight Extended 2
Light Quickdraw.pngLight Quickdraw 3


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