Focus Crystal

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Focus Crystal
Rarity Rare
Spawn Locations
K-Marks / Weight128
Faction Reputation8
Faction Rep / Weight1


Growths of these crystals are common on Fortuna III, valuable on the station for where they're often used in the creation of miniature figures.


Focus Crystal is mined from Focus Crystal ores, which are found in the jungle on Bright Sands and Crescent Falls

Spawn location

Spawn chance per container
ContainerMax spawn chance
Industrial Container Tier 30.54%
Industrial Container Tier 41.08%
Industrial Container Tier 53.24%
Focus Crystal Mineral Tier 1180%
Alien Vent Tier 50.85%


Focus Crystal has one or multiple uses in The Cycle: Frontier. To complete all missions and quarter upgrades, this item is needed 27 times.

Uses for Focus Crystal
Type Quantity
Good, Honest Work Part 8 3
Everything is Crystals Part 2 5
Crystal Frenzy 8
Laser Rifles 10
Time to Focus 4
Personal Quarters
Aurum Generator Rate 10.2 19
Forge Recipes
Less damage from hostile fauna attacks 2
Reduced weight of minerals and creature parts carried in backpack 2
Less damage from Storm strikes 2
Printing Recipes
Pure Focus Crystal 9


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