Crescent Falls

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Crescent Falls is a humid region located on Fortuna III. Its Danger Level is moderate, consisting mostly of forests, thermal ponds, and desert.

The map view of Crescent Falls

This region consists of a central area, Greens Prospect, which is flanked mainly by thermal ponds and forest. There are rivers running around this central area, starting and ending around the lagoon, lakeside building, and thermal ponds.

Each biome has its own respective danger level that dictates enemy difficulty and loot value. This also affects the types of enemies spawned. This region overall contains quite strong enemies: Marauders and Crushers. Marauders are much more common than on Bright Sands, and Crushers are unique to Crescent Falls.

The location is classified as a hard map and is unlocked after finishing any of:


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Crescent Falls enjoys a rapidly switching weather cycle, between dawn, day, dusk, storm, storm peak. One weather cycle on Crescent Falls lasts 38min 40sec. Prospectors are only able to spawn in the Match during the dawn and day. The Match starts in the day phase. It then cycles through them in order for the entire time the match is up, which is typically 6 hours.

  • Day ( 16min 40sec)
  • Dusk ( 13min 20sec)
  • Storm ( 3min )
  • Storm Peak ( 1min 40sec)
  • Dawn ( 4min )


Crescent Falls contains many places of interest. Below is a list of all locations currently found on the Crescent Falls map.

Named Locations

These locations have a name shown on the in-game map.

Other Locations

These locations are not named on the in-game map but are still visited during Missions.



The map has 3 tiers of loot available. Tier 3, 4, and 5.

PN 2.0.0 CF Compare After.png


Crescent Falls contains quite strong enemies: Marauders and Crushers. Marauders are much more common than on Bright Sands, and Crusher. In addition to that, there are still a lot of Striders and Rattlers, as well as many of their elite variants.

Crescent Falls is the only map to have Crushers. There is one Alpha Crusher inside the Crystal Cave.




Update history

Patch 2.0.0
  • Loot tiers have been re-balanced in the Northwest part of the map:
  • Nutrion Warehouse is now T5.
  • Homes have been updated to T4.
  • A new key room has been added to the Nutrion Warehouse.
  • A number of spawn points have been removed in the Northwest and the East.
  • The spawn points around the back of the Pumpkin Fields and Hay fields have been pulled apart to help prevent spawning next to other players.
  • The initial quest-line for any of the factions is now required in order to visit Crescent Falls.
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