Hydraulic Piston

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Hydraulic Piston
Hydraulic Piston.png
Type Mechanical
Rarity Unommon
Weight 5 UI-WeightIcon.png
K-Marks 338 KMarks.png
K-Marks / Weight 68 KMarks.png
Faction Reputation 3
Faction Rep / Weight 0.6 Weight icon.png

A Hydraulic Piston is an Uncommon item found as loot on Fortuna III. It can be found in low quantities everywhere, but it is most common in Korolev structures.

In-Game description

Useful for printing weapons and beacons. The tech may be hundreds of years old, but if it works, it works.


Can be found in Industrial Crates.


This item is used in the following missions, jobs, upgrades, printing recipes:


This item is required a total of 22 times to complete the following missions.

Time to Punch In Part 3
What a Tool! Part 4
Toxic Love Part 2
12× Back to Basics Part 3


This item is required to complete the following jobs.

New Mining Tools
Excavator Improvements

Printing Recipes

Personal Quarter

Hydraulic Piston is used in the following Personal Quarters upgrades

Generator Upgrades

Generator Level Upgrade Quantity
K-Marks Cap 2 1/5 3x
Supply Crate 3 2/2 8x

Inventory Upgrades

Inventory Level Upgrade Quantity
Stash Size 3 2/3 12x

Workbench Upgrades

Workbench Level Upgrade Quantity
Quarters Upgrade Time 4 3/3 12x

Quarters Upgrades