Time to Punch In

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Time to Punch In is a campaign mission for the Korolev faction.


Korolev Heavy Industries, the system's industrial powerhouse... and near monopoly. The megacorp came to Fortuna III early to exploit its resources, and sticks around now to make sure its claims don't lapse. Plus, they keep the lights on up here, for a nice profit. They want you to perform some simple tasks to prove your mettle. Don't disappoint!

"Good, good. You have seen the Striders on the surface, yes? Nasty things; show me you know how to deal with them."



KMarks.png 4000 K-Marks


  • A Heavy Attack from a Melee kills a regular Strider in one hit, making it an effective way to take out Striders in relative silence.

"We need some Circuit Boards... for a delicate matter. You need to find us some Flawed Veltecite, for the record, but don't forget those Circuit Boards!"



KMarks.png 6900 K-Marks


  • Flawed Veltecite can be found all over Fortuna III especially as harvestable ores around rivers and lakes.
  • Circuit Board can be found in Briefcases and Luggage.

Find Flawed Veltecite on the Interactive Map.

Find Circuit Board on the Interactive Map.