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Stimulating Developments

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Stimulating Developments is a Mission for the Osiris faction. It is unlocked after completing Field Research Part 2. Stimulating Developments has 3 mission parts.

Stimulating Developments.png


Osiris specialize in medical tech, from surgical robots to powerful medicines and even healing nanites. Many of their advancements are only possible thanks to prospectors like you retrieving samples from the planet. Get Osiris what they need, and you'll be rewarded with access to new, stronger health stims.


Part Image

'This should interest you: we have a small team researching new, stronger health stims, and they've reason to believe research from before the evacuations holds the key. Head to the Vaccine Labs and bring back what they need. '


  • 1 Med Stims Formula.pngMed Stims Formula
  • Find the Formula for Strong Stims at the Vaccine Labs on Bright Sands.

Stim Formula.png



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