Water Facility

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Water Facility
Water Facility.jpg
Map Bright Sands
Danger Level Medium
Faction Korolev

Water Facility is a place of interest in the southern part of Bright Sands.


Water Facility is a large compound on Bright Sands. It is made up of large buildings, pipes, water containers and construction objects. Overlooking the compound is a high water tower on the south side of the compound. This is one of the highest locations on Bright Sands, and gives a great vantage point of the nearby area.



Water Facility is featured heavily in the ICA mission Doing the Work. In the first part of that mission the prospector visits the SOS sign on the beach south of Water Facility. In part two the prospector has to enter a room by solving the Battery Puzzle. The Sign of Life item has to be collected and brought back to Prospect Station to finish this mission. For more information about this storyline, visit Tao.


Water Facility has a variety of Loot. It features a lot of construction and mechanical type loot spawns, such as Hydraulic Pistons & Compound Sheets.

Battery Puzzle

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The Battery Puzzle at Water Facility has two possible configurations.

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