Jungle Camp

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Jungle Camp
BS Jungle Camp 2.webp
Map Bright Sands
Grid Square A2
Danger Level Very High (?)
Faction ICA (?)

Jungle Camp is a place of interest in the West part of Bright Sands, situated deep inside the Jungle.


The Jungle Camp area is an old abandoned camp deep inside the jungle.


The area is notable for its good loot, multiple buildings and a good vantage-spot over the western parts of the jungle. With only a few entrances in the fence surrounding the compound, a good group of prospectors are able to fortify the area and keep any unfriendly company out. Jungle Camp is also one of the few relatively safe areas in the Jungle during the storm due to its cover from lightning and possibility to close the main building's doors, keeping the player safe from the creatures that inhabit the camp.


Jungle Camp have several buildings containing both loose-loot and containers, mostly in form of lockers, jackets and medical supplies. The main building offers a couple of safes as well as some consumable boxes on the roof. The south-west building in the camp features a locked room on the second floor which requires the Armory Key, featuring 2 Military Crate and 5 ammo and consumable boxes. Due to the relative danger of the area, the military crates can often contain mid to high tier weapons.

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