East Caverns

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East Caverns
Map Bright Sands
Grid Square F3/G3/G2
Danger Level Low (?)
Faction Osiris

East Caverns is a place of interest in the North-East of Bright Sands,


The East Caverns can be found on Bright Sands in the North-Eastern part of the map, connecting East Collection Point and Woodcutter Camp by a cavern-system that continues further up north. These caves hosts an Osiris Archeology Site that was abbandoned during the evacuations, leaving behind samples and Old Bones which prospectors will later come back to retrieve.


The East Caverns is a Cave that stretches along the North-Eastern part of the map, from East Collection Point, all the way up to the Northern boundary of Bright Sands pass Woodcutter Camp. There are several entrances and the southern chamber hosts 2 elivations with openings between them.



The caves contains mainly consumable containers, hidden stashes and Mission Items. There are also Nickel inside and around the caves, as well as Veltecite just outside the cave on the eastern side, in and around the water.

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