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Starport Admin

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Starport Admin
CF Starport Admin 001.jpg
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square D3/E3
Danger Level Extreme (?)

Starport Admin is a place of interest in the center of Crescent Falls.


Starport Admin is the administrative part of the greater starport area in Crescent Falls.


The area consists mainly of the large administrative building that the area is named after, housing multiple floors of office-space. There is also a bridge to the Starport Warehouse, a guard post as well as one of the Evac Locations for Crescent Falls in the area.


As part of the greater starport area, creatures killed in the area counts towards quests that state in the Starport area.

Main building Floors

The main building have 4 that can be roughly categorized as:

  1. 1st, ground/basement, Janitorial floor.
  2. 2nd, server-floor.
  3. 3rd, main office/boss-room floor.
  4. 4th, top/meeting floor.

1st Floor

This floor consists of several locked rooms that require the Janitors Key, as well as old janitorial equipment.

Some loose loot consisting of industrial and mechanical items can be found along with loot inside the locked rooms.

A staircase leads from this floor up to the 2'nd floor, hosting the server-room. There is also a door leading out to a bridge that connects to the area below Starport as well as a set of stairs leading up to Starport Warehouse.

2nd Floor

This floor houses the server-room which prospectors will need to visit for the quest Satellite Master Part 3 in order to access the Dead Drop inside.

Some loose-loot consisting of mainly tech-items can be found on this floor along with some Luggage.

There are 2 sets of stairs on this floor, the main stairs that leads up to floor 3 and 4, as well as the stairs that leads down into floor 1.

3rd Floor

This floor houses the main office-space of the admin building, consisting of several rooms of open landscape, with small booths for the workers to sit.

The office for the Boss can be found in the south-east corner of this floor, requiring the Boss' Office Key in order to enter. Inside is an abundance of Safes, Briefcases and Civilian Lockers as well as a Military Box.

Within the offices is several Jackets, Briefcases, Luggage and some loose-loot, consisting of mainly Data Drives and other tech/admin-related items.

There is access to the 2'nd floor and the 4'th floor from the main staircase and in the north-west office is a door leading out to the Starport Landing Pad.

4th Floor

This floor consists of the reception-area, a large meeting room, cafeteria, some offices and a storage-closet with some Civilian Lockers in it.

There is a Dead Drop in the cafeteria, some Luggage, Briefcases and Jackets scattered around the floor.

In the south-east corner of this floor is the reception which leads out to the upper Starport area and Starport Warehouse.


The area outside the main building consists of the bridge leading to Starport Warehouse, a small guard post next to the bridge, some stairs leading down to the small river below and a private landing pad that is now used as one of the Evac Locations for Crescent Falls.

A minimal amount of loose-loot can be found outside along with a small amount of Luggage, Briefcases and Dumpsters.

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