Lakeside Building

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Lakeside Building
Map Crescent Falls
Danger Level Very High
Faction Korolev

Lakeside Building is a place of interest next to the centre of the map Crescent Falls.


Lakeside Building is large structure containing water-tanks, energy generators and a big backyard.

Lakeside Building can be accessed from a bridge, through gates and on every site of the backyard.


Lakeside Building has many Construction & Mechanical type of loot spawns, such as Smart Mesh or Hydraulic Pistons. It is one of the best places on Crescent Falls for this specific type of loot. The loot is usually Uncommon or Rareloot but there is also a high chance of Epic loot to be found due to its high danger zone such as Autoloader Lakeside Building has a lot of Dumpsters, and there are Hidden Stashes all around the structure.

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