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Starport Landing Pad

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Starport Landing Pad
CF Starport Landing Pad 004.jpg
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square D2
Danger Level Very High (?)
Faction Korolev

Starport Landing Pad is a place of interest in the northern part of Crescent Falls.


Starport Landing Pad is the main landing area of the greater Starport location, with both smaller and larger landing pads. Trains sit between the landing pads, filled with shipping containers stacked onto each other. Cranes used to load the trains sit next to the train tracks. It also features a massive spaceship on one of the landing pads, which was likely left behind when the Storm first hit. The spaceship cannot be entered.


Due to its low value loot and the position, Starport Landing Pad is primarily visited by prospectors on their way to other parts of Crescent Falls or on their way to the Evac Locations outside Starport Admin or in the Pumpkin Fields.


As part of the greater starport area, creatures killed in the area counts towards quests that state in the Starport area.


There is some loose-loot consisting of mainly industrial items as well as some Consumable Boxes, Industrial Crates and Ammo Boxes.

There is also a Data Uplink in the area, allowing prospectors to upgrade their Data Drive to higher rarity.

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