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Geothermal Plant

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Geothermal Plant
CF Geothermal Plant 01.jpg
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square D6/E6
Danger Level Very High (?)
Faction Korolev

Geothermal Plant is a place of interest in the South part of Crescent Falls.


Geothermal Plant is an old Geothermal power plant, situated along the south-west river, next to Lagoon and Lagoon Thermal Ponds.


The area is one of the Evac Locations on Crescent Falls and contains a Puzzle, abundance of loot and can offer protection against the Storm.

Due to the layout and buildings of the area, a prospector can get a great vantage point from top of the area, overlooking the southern parts of the map.



There is an abundance of lose industrial loot in the area along with several dumpsters. There are also some lockers and jackets spread about. The puzzle opens up a loot room containing several containers, military box and a Miniature Reactor.


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