Abandoned Oil Field

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Abandoned Oil Field
CF Abandoned Oil field 001.jpg
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square F2
Danger Level Very High (?)

Abandoned Oil Field is a place of interest in the north of Crescent Falls.


Abandoned Oil Field is an area to the north of Crescent Falls with old, abandoned oil pumps and other ruined excavation equipment scattered throughout.


The area as the name suggest is an old Abandoned Oil Field and mining operation, as such, old mining equipment and oil pumps are common in the area and the objective for the quest Back to Basics - Part 3.

Situated between Starport Warehouse and Pinnacle Labs, this area sees a lot of prospectors pass through regularily and fights are common occurance. As the terrain raises up steeply closer to Pinnacle Labs, prospectors need to be careful when approaching the area in order to not get pinned down from above.

In the very south, right next to Starport Warehouse is a possible Crusher spawn, which adds a layer of risk to the area.



Loose loot consisting of industrial items as well as minerals can be found scattered around the area and in camps/building. Prospectors may also find Lockers, Industrial Crates and Consumable Boxes. In the north-west under the waterfall is also a Dumpster.

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