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Greens Prospect

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Greens Prospect
CF Green prospect 00.jpg
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square D4
Danger Level Very High (?)

Greens Prospect is a place of interest in the center of Crescent Falls.

  • This article is a work in progress and more details will be added shortly. Inaccurate information may be present.


Greens Prospect is a giant hub of buildings situated in the very center of Crescent Falls, inside a massive hole.


The area is one of the Evac Locations on Crescent Falls and contains a Puzzle, several quests, abundance of loot and can offer protection against the Storm.

As there is high-value loot and several quests in the area, along with having an evac and being placed right in the center of the map, prospectors should expect to run into each other here.

The area serves as one of the main hubs and a massive crossroad between the areas of the map, consisting of paths both above and below, along with multi-story buildings, the scale makes it hard to spot other prospectors.


Greens Prospect host objectives for several Missions for both Campaigns and Jobs as follows.

Dead Drops

Greens Prospect has several Dead Drops.

  • Garage Office
  • Fulfillment Center
  • Stockpile


Greens Prospect can be roughly split up into certain zones that each have their own loot and uses.

Garage Office

This building is located in north-west part, consists of the garage and garage offices and contains lots of loot of different types, such as electrical and industrial.

Prospectors will also find the Garage Office Dead Drop and the Garage Office Key door here.

The building consists of the garage which have varying heights, 3 floors of offices and the Rooftop. From floor 1 a prospector can reach the landing pad, which used to be an Evac Location and from the rooftop they are able to reach the Medical building by running across the large sign.

Medical Building

This collection of buildings can be loosely seen as the buildings on the North, overlooking the bar.

Most of these buildings are not possible to enter, except for the top building closest to the bar, which contains a medical clinic filled with medical loot.

The zone allows for several flights of stairs and scaffolding that can be used to get height advantage against hostile prospectors or to reach other buildings, such as the Bar or the Puzzle-buildings. Prospectors can also use the rail to reach the southern zones.

Puzzle-buildings / Housing

This zone covers the north-eastern buildings that cover the mountain wall and can be reach from the medical building, the rail or from above.

A prospector can get good angles and height against hostile prospectors in this area while also having several options to fall back if needed.

The main part of interest here is the Puzzle, which unlocks a loot-room containing some good loot.

A lot of the buildings are possible to enter, but some may require prospectors to proceed with doing the puzzle before they are unlocked.

Tipsy Drone Bar

The bar zone is down in the middle, slightly to the north-east, just below the medical building.

Here a prospector can find loose loot along with a loot room requiring the Bar Storage Key.

Consisting of only one building with two floors and featuring neon signs outside, this zone is easily distinguished.

Prospectors may find good loot and cover here, but don't get too confident as the roof contains several openings, allowing for bullets to pass through.


Dead Drop in Stockpile in Greens Prospect

Located in the central area, slightly too the south-east and directly adjacent too the bar, Stockpile features a Dead Drop, several containers and lots of loose loot.

The building is mainly visited for Missions and the loot, but can also be used to avoid the Storm.


In the central-south area is a tall structure acting as mechanic for the large vehicles once used on Fortuna.

This building is directly adjacent to Stockpile and the Fulfillment Center.

There is some loose loot here, but a prospector is very exposed as there is little cover with most sides of the building being open.

Prospectors can climb stairs to get to the roof of this building and further up to the top of Greens Prospect on the south.

Fulfillment Center

Dead drop in Fulfillment Center in Greens Prospect

The old Fulfillment Center contains a Dead Drop, loose loot and some containers and is primarily visited for Missions.

Prospectors can also get good cover inside as the building reaches into the mountain slightly and only have a few entrances.

Consisting of a ground floor and a small office with a stair up, it is easily accessible but gives little exits if hostile prospectors manage to push inside.

Using the side-entrance, a prospector is able to reach below the landing pad, where they can find stairs up to the top of Greens Prospect or into the main building.


Below the main streets is a small sewer-system, connecting to ramps.

This can provide prospectors with a possibility to move around the area in a slightly more concealed fashion and provide some cover.

South Buildings and top of Greens Prospect.

On the south side and stretching from east to west, prospectors can get on top of Greens Prospect.

There is some loot and a few creatures here along with views of the entire area.

It is also possible for a prospector to go up on the excavated ring to get high-ground angle on most of the central parts of the map.

Prospectors are able to reach the top using the southern buildings in Greens Prospect or by approaching from areas in the west and south.


Greens Prospect is one of the most loot-filled areas of the game. Prospectors will be able to find an abundance of lose-loot and dumpsters in most of the area, along with industrial crates, consumable boxes, jackets and lockers. Along with the readily available loot scattered around, the area also hosts two rooms requiring Keycards, the Bar and the Garage Office, both containing a military box as well as multiple other containers. Prospectors looking for Miniature Reactors may also often come here as the Puzzle in this area often offers them two Miniature Reactor, coupled with 2 military boxes, a medical container and several industrial containers.

Key rooms

  • Garage Office
    • 8 Civilian Lockers
    • 1 Military Box
    • 1 Safe
  • Bar
    • 6 Briefcase
    • 3 Jackets
    • 1 Luggage
    • 1 Military Box
    • 1 Safe
    • Loose loot (Old Currency, etc.)


There is a Battery Puzzle at the buildings covering the North-east wall.

Prospectors can reach this area by jumping across from the medical building and using the old rail between.

They can also reach it by dropping down from the area above, close too the bridge leading too Starport.

To clear the puzzle prospectors need to move each of the Batteries down to the holding-cells at the bottom part of this area using the following steps.

  1. Remove the first at the very top of the buildings and place down at the holding-cells.
  2. After moving the first Battery, the 2nd one is made available in the room just below the first one.
  3. Once the second battery has been moved, it is possible to grab the third battery on top of the loot-room.
  • Loot contained inside
    • 2 Military Crates
    • 1 Medical Crate
    • 3 Industrial Crate
    • 1 Powerup Container having 1 or several Miniature Reactors.

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