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Pinnacle Labs

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Pinnacle Labs
CF Pinnacle Labs 001.jpg
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square G1
Danger Level Extreme
Faction Osiris

Pinnacle Labs is a place of interest in the very north east part of Crescent Falls.


Pinnacle Labs is an abandoned lab on a high mountain in the north east of Crescent Falls. Its located far away from every other place of interest besides Oasis. The mountain it's located on is surrounded by oil pump veins.


The area is an old Osiris lab complex, featuring a small river that runs through it and a Dead Drop in the North-east corner of the compound.

Inside the western building is a locked room requiring the Lab Keycard to open. This building consists of the north staircase, the middle floor where most of the lab is and the top floor observatory.

The east building consists of a staircase and a small lab-area with Cabinets and research equipment.

Connecting the buildings is balcony-area with some research equipment and more Cabinets.


There are several quests that will require prospectors to visit Pinnacle Labs as follows:


There is lots of Cabinets to be found around Pinnacle Labs, which, combined with its high Danger Level, makes it a great spot for finding high tier ressources like Gyroscope and some other scientific category resources. Pinnacle labs also offers a few Hidden Stash. Prospectors who own the Lab Key are able to loot a lot more Cabinets and a Weapon Crate.

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