Science Campus

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Science Campus
Science Campus.jpg
Map Bright Sands
Danger Level Medium
Faction Korolev

Science Campus is a place of interest in the south-eastern part of Bright Sands.


Science Campus is a large structure that was under construction when The Cycle (storm) first hit. The place is filled with tools that were left behind, such as wrenches and drills. Several cargo containers, heavy machinery, and other tools are found around the location. Scaffolding is also still in place to reach higher locations. Many parts of the structure as covered in protective blue tarp to protect them from the elements until they are finished. Many walls or pillars are also unfinished as steel beams for reinforced concrete stick out.

Science campus is divided into three floors.

  • The bottom floor is partially in the ground and only partially lit up by huge construction lights. Metal beams and other construction materials partially obstruct the floor here. A staircase leads up to the second floor.
  • The second floor is the ground floor, and is right in the open. Cargo containers, crates, heavy machinery, tools, hard hats, among other things fill the floor here.
  • The third floor is made up of two horizontal beams and two diagonal pillars leading up to them. This is the roof of the structure, and grants a great view of the entire structure.

The north side of Science Campus has an Evac location.



Science Campus has many Construction & Mechanical type of loot spawns, such as Compound Sheets or Copper Wire. It is one of the best places on Bright Sands for this specific type of loot, as it has it in high quality and these types of items are typically common or uncommon. Snience Campus also has a lot of Industrial Crates, and there is a Hidden Stash hidden on the second floor behind a staircase.

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