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Cave of Stars

From The Cycle: Frontier Wiki
Cave of Stars
Cave of Stars.png
Map Tharis Island
Danger Level Extreme
Faction Osiris

Cave of Stars is a place of interest on the outside of the Tharis Island map.


Cave of Stars is a large cave with an void rift in the middle. There are also several Osiris structures. Cave of Stars can be accessed from Osiris Research Center, The outside, and The Atrium.


Cave of Stars has all kinds of Loot spawns, such as weapon/armor and other material spawns next to bodies of dead Prospectors. The loot is usually UncommonRarity.svg Uncommon or RareRarity.svg Rare loot but there is also a chance of EpicRarity.svg Epic and ExoticRarity.svg Exotic loot to be found due to its extreme danger zone. There are also several Focus Crystal and Tharis Iron spawns aswell as Coolers and Lockers

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