Lagoon Thermal Ponds

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Lagoon Thermal Ponds
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square D5
Danger Level High

Lagoon Thermal Ponds is a place of interest in the South of Crescent Falls.


Lagoon Thermal Ponds is an area in the South with active geysers. Standing on a geyser will activate it after a short delay, launching players into the air. Fall damage is deactivated when launched by a geyser.


The area consists of plateaus of varying heights, with shallow rivers flanked by rock walls crossing between them.

On the very western part of the area is one of the Evac Locations, providing a building for cover or a possible lift back to the station.

The small caves in the eastern parts allow mining for Nickel and quick-access to the Lakeside Building area.


There is some loot around the Evac in the West in form of loose-loot, Brief Case, Civilian Locker and a Dumpster. Prospectors can also find a Dumpster and some loose-loot at the entrance to the caves in the east, as well as a dumpster in the south-east part, just outside Geothermal Plant

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