Abandoned Mine

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Abandoned Mine
Abandonded Mine POI.png
Map Bright Sands
Grid Square E1
Danger Level Medium (?)
Faction Korolev

Abandoned Mine is a place of interest in the northern part of Bright Sands.


A weathered and decript Korolev mining facility, Abandoned Mine lays hold to the ruins of a Titan excavation project seemingly disrupted by structural integrity faults. Littered about the ruins are rotting corpses, debris, ore veins, and mining equipment.


Primarily, the location contains a locked area, requiring the Mine Access Key. Inside are numerous chests, and Titan Ore veins.


Located outside the facility are dumpsters and industrial containers, as well as several Titan Ore nodes. There is a tunnel entrance to the west of the mine entrance, that leads to a tunnel with Titan and Nickel Ore nodes inside.

About halfway through the tunnel is a Hidden Stash in the ground. The tunnel leads to the east entrance of Dig Site.

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