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Map Crescent Falls
Danger Level Extreme
Faction faction-less

Favela is a place of interest on the south east of Crescent Falls.


Favela is a small collection of houses located in the bottom right of Crescent Falls, it consists plenty of houses, a shelter and a watertower.

Favela can be accessed from paths all around the village


Prospectors will be sent to Favela for the following quests:


Favela has lots of high tier loot spawn due to its high Danger Level. There are a lot of Dumpsters and Industrial Crates all around the houses, as well as three Military Box in the locked rooms. There is also a lot of ground loot inside and around the village. There is also a Hidden Stash hidden in the village. All of these loot spawns make Favela a good spot to find all kinds of mid to endgame resources such as Smart Mesh, Autoloader and Salvaged Co-TEC MultiTool , as well as some more common resources such as Hydraulic Piston and Metallic Alloys.


There are two keycards that can be used in Favela. One of them being an Epic and the other a Uncommon one. The Epic one is called Community Room Key and the Uncommon one Loose House Key. The Loose House Key contains one Military Crate and two Ammo Boxes. Community Room Key contains two Military Crates, two Luggages, one Jacket, one Briefcase, one Cooler, four Civilian Lockers as well as a weapon groundspawn. All this make the Community Room Key and the Loose House Key worth looting.


Favela is an outdated Portuguese word for 'shacks' or 'slums'. This could mean that Favela was an area where poorer colonists lived before the storm.

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