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Comms Tower

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Comms Tower
Comms Base.jpg
Map Bright Sands
Grid Square A4, B4
Danger Level High
Faction ICA

Comms Tower is a place of interest on the western coast of the Bright Sands.


What was once a the ICA logo colored.pngICA Communications Base, is now a derelict hub festering with the dangerous inhabitants of Bright Sands' jungle. Ridden with overgrowth, the base notably holds two main buildings containing semi-functioning computer and communications equipment, a potentially-operational satellite dish, and a massive tower of seemingly unknown purpose.


The area contains two main buildings adjacent of one another, separated by shipping containers. Located upstairs in the southern-most building is a locked area known as Server Room, requiring the Server Access Key for unlocking. The area also holds a satellite dish, as well as a large tower; both with Dead Drop locations.



These main buildings contain various electronic equipment, including Radio Equipment, Circuit Boards, and Data Drives; as well as various Jackets. The locked area Server Room contains four Civilian Lockers, a Safe and multiple a Data Drives.

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