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Osiris Research Center

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Osiris Research Center
Osiris research 3.png
Map Tharis Island
Danger Level Very High
Faction Osiris

Osiris Research Center is a place of interest in the north east site of the map Tharis Island.


Osiris Research Center is a large structure which contains a medical lab and a some other science rooms.

Osiris Research Center can be accessed from many doors and broken windows.


Osiris Research Center has many flora and medical kind of loot spawns, such as many Medical Cases in the medical lab or many Coolers in the flora area. There is also a keycard inside the medical lab. The Research Center Office Key contains one Military Crate, three Safes, some Cabinets and some Briefcases Osiris Research Center also has a Puzzle which contains two Military Crates, one Storage Crate, some Medical Cases and Cabinets.

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