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Osiris is a Faction in-game which specializes in anything related to science.

The Faction is led by Emmanuel Sullivan, Osiris CEO & Lead Researcher

Formed from the remnants of several research shops and filled with academics, Osiris was left rudderless after the Cycle cut off effective communications with their parent company. While their goal of researching Progenitor artifacts and reverse engineering their technology remains the same, without access to the surface itself their work was limited to just idle theorizing.

Thankfully the corporation's newest head recognized the value prospectors could offer and is more than happy to send them off to danger for a pittance, so long as they remain effective.

Lore [1]

A relatively young corporation, Osiris' parent company Blue Star Ltd. had a long history of buying incipient and struggling R&D and tech firms to develop and license patents to third parties. Blue Star founded Osiris from the ashes of several R&D firms, with experience in fields ranging from arms research, robotics, genetic engineering, and most notably the (now defunct) founders of the warp gates that connect the prosperous Artery systems together. As a financially and legally independent company, Osiris has been tasked to lead their research on frontier planets, with their advantage of careless legal oversight than Artery systems, of what anything that could be the next major technological breakthrough in human history. Or just be another in a series of failed investments on the edge of space that almost invariably result in massive loss of life, one of the two.

Its current head is Emmanuel Sullivan, a visionary researcher only recently recruited by Blue Star to lead the operations on Fortuna III; between the Teratomorphic Energy Field, the unique and rapidly mutating fauna and flora, and the never-ending supply of Veltecite, the planet promises a wealth of scientific discoveries beyond imagination.

While Osiris had license to operate on the surface for research purposes, they recently started hiring Prospectors to handle the bulk of their planetary matter after several unfortunate, and costly, "incidents"; from now on Osiris' (remaining) field research personnel are confined to the station.

Prospect Station

Within the Prospect Station Osiris has its headquarters for operations on Fortuna III. It is a circular building with a glass dome on top, and the Osiris logo at the front. The floor of the building is some form of reactor or storage vat. The center of the building is taken up by Emmanuel Sullivan and his desk, which is attached to the roof of the building. Floating in the air next to the desk are two holograms. One is encouraging Prospectors to help Osiris explore the Crusher Caverns, the other features a blueprint and other information about the Orbital Cannon. The left wall of the building features the Osiris QuickShop, where Osiris buys and sells items. The rest of the walls are fitted with glass containers which have plants specific to a certain biome in them. On top of the construction that holds Sullivan's Desk is a small patch of greenery with some Leafman.


When a certain amount of Faction Reputation is reached, a prospectors level in that faction increases by one. Depending on the level Gear such as Weapons might be unlocked in the faction shop. Each level also unlocks new Jobs that a prospector can accept.

Unlocks by Level
Level Gear Jobs

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