Crashed Ship

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Crashed Ship
Map Bright Sands
Danger Level Very High
Faction Osiris

The Crashed Ship is a small place of interest on the north west of Bright Sands.


Crashed Ship is a relatively small structure located in the Jungle of Bright Sands, it consists of a cockpit, 2 wings and a fuselage with two floors with seats on both sides of the bottom floor.

Crashed Ship can be entered by walking on a root leading into the cockpit or by jumping through a broken window below the cockpit. Alternatively, it can be entered by the opened door on either side or the cargo hold at the back.



Crashed Ship has lots of high tier loot spawn due to its high Danger Level. There are a lot of Luggages, Briefcases, and Ammo Boxes inside the ship, as well as a Military Box. There is also a lot of ground loot inside the ship, and in the crash trail behind it. There are also a few Hidden Stashes around the outside of it. All of these loot spawns make Crashed Ship a good spot to find all kinds of mid to endgame resources such as Smart Mesh, Gyroscope Interactive Screens and Salvaged Co-TEC MultiTools , as well as some more common resources such as Hydraulic Piston and Metallic Alloys.


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