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Power Plant

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Power Plant
BS Power Plant 1.webp
Map Bright Sands
Grid Square B4/B5/C4/C5
Danger Level Moderate
Faction ICA

Power Plant is a place of interest in the West part of Bright Sands, situated along the western water-stream.


The Power Plant, once powering the Bright Sands area, was left inoperable due to the Cycle storm. However, its remains still stand along the water-streams, offering protection against the weather for nearby prospectors.


The power plant offers a large area of pipelines, scaffolding and a large 3-story building that houses the main controls of the power plant, a storage area, and the plant supervisor's office. A prospector can also find 3 pipes in the northern part of the area that will give them direct access to Comms Tower. Scattered around the area are boxes and industrial loot.

Large packs of striders and rattlers patrol both main entrances to the building, but can be avoided if entering through the main office's side door on the top floor.



While the outdoor area is nearly devoid of loot, a variety of industrial loot can be found in and around the main building in dumpsters and on the ground. Luggage, safes and lockers can also be found inside, as well as some consumable boxes. There's a hidden stash on top of the pile of barrels next to the building's lower entrance. Notable loot is the Notes on Meteor Experiment - 1 inside the main office, that is required for the ICA mission Project Fireball Part 3.

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