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Nutrion Farms Processing

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Nutrion Farms Processing
CF Nutrion Farms Processing 001.jpg
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square B6
Danger Level Extreme (?)

Nutrion Farms Processing is a place of interest in the south-west of Crescent Falls.


Nutrion Farms Processing is a pre-storm industrial complex for processing harvests from the Hay Fields and Pumpkin Fields.


The area is an old industrial processing complex. Although weathered and filled with creatures lately, prospectors may still find shelter against the Storm or other prospectors within the complex.

Due to the position of the area and its relative fortification with the walls, prospectors can hide inside or take on a vantage point on the roof, which they can climb onto with a few tricky jumps.

Prospectors will be asked to visit the area as the story progress.

The building consists of 1 main floor where most the processing took place, a basement with mainly storage and a small upper floor, consisting of the office and the overseers private office.



Prospectors can find Industrial and food-related loose-loot in the area along with several Coolers, Industrial Crate, Luggage and Briefcases.

The Overseer's Office Key also provides access to a lot of Coolers.

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