Waterfall Labs

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Waterfall Labs is a place of interest in the north-western part of the Bright Sands.

Waterfall Labs
Waterfall Labs.jpeg
Map Bright Sands
Grid Square E2, F2
Danger Level Moderate
Faction Osiris


Cluttered and vacant, the sprawling Osiris Waterfall Lab is a research facility dedicated to understanding the creatures local to Fortuna III. Residing above the northern segment of Lake, the abandoned labs are chock full of research material, high-tech science equipment, medical supplies, and hostile creatures held out by the structure itself.


Waterfall Labs features several buildings strewn about connected by tunnel-style hallways. Many of the rooms share similar purpose, such as: medical procedures, biological research, scientific equipment, and cargo space. Waterfall Labs also contains a dead drop. Some rooms also have secondary floors.



Waterfall Labs is known to have various cabinets, coolers, medical crates, safes, and weapons chests; as well as a variety of floor loot. This can contain: optic glass, poly-metal prefabricate, circuit boards, electrical cables, and medical supplies.

Evac Locations

Waterfall Labs contains two evac locations, one at the north-western corner of the facility inside a cargo lot, and another at the north-eastern corner of the location across from a separate building atop a large rocky hill.

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