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House on Stilts

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House on Stilts
House on Stilts 1.png
Map Bright Sands
Danger Level Low

House on Stilts is an unmarked location at North Uplink. It features heavily in the ICA Campaign mission Doing the Work.


House on Stilts is a large tower standing on four stilts or pillars. Solar panels and communication equipment are attached to the outside walls. Part of the tower is overgrown by vines and other flora. A winding staircase leads up to the room on at the top.


The room features two parts: one side has a pair of computers and a Comms Base Server, the other side has a bed. The room is littered with communication equipment, supplies and scraps of paper.

On the bed is the body of Tao, a man that worked for ICA. His backstory is heavily explored during the Doing The Work mission. The writing on the wall states 'Tell Marie I tried - and take care of our people' . Marie refers to Marie-Gilbert Ravel, the Faction leader for ICA. The number marks chalked on the wall count the number of days that Tao was trapped on the surface of Fortuna III. During this time he collected data for ICA.



House on Stilts has very little loot, besides some electronic Loot such as Radio Equipment.

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