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Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square F3/G4
Danger Level High

Skeleton is a place of interest in the East of Crescent Falls.


Skeleton is an area in the east of Crescent Falls, promptly named after the large skeleton that spans the entire length of the area.


The Skeleton area is a desert area in the east of Crescent Falls, featuring a large Skeleton spanning from South to North.

Withered rocks and the skeleton provides plenty of cover for prospectors to move around the area, but due to nearby areas mostly being higher elevation, they should still keep their awareness on top.

The eastern area contains the Skeleton Observation Site, set up before the great Storm to observe and study the large skeleton.


There is limited loot in the Skeleton area outside of Skeleton Observation Site.

There is a camp in the south-east area with some loose-loot and containers. A maintenance facility for the small lake can be found in the south-west with loot as well as a cooler and loose-loot near the skeleton, between the camp and facility.

Prospectors may also find a building on the western part of the area, near the Osiris Wildlife Preserve, just across the small river running alongside the skeleton.

Notable loot in the area are the NiC Oil Veins found in small pockets, littering the area. Although normally not as good in quality as those found around the Abandoned Oil Field, Oasis and Pinnacle Labs, these pockets of NiC Oil Veins are usually less contested and can provide young prospectors an opportunity to safely harvest NiC Oil Canisters.

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