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An ongoing storm with a lightning strike

The storm, also called The Cycle, is a game mechanic in The Cycle: Frontier. The weather on Fortuna III is unpredictable and dangerous, with it fluctuating between clear skies and pitch-black storm. The storm lasts a total of 4min 40sec.


The storm is preceded by a period of cloudy skies and rain. Five minutes before the storm starts every Prospector in that Match will get a warning that the storm will start in 5min . This happens again at 1min before the start of the storm. 10min before the start of the storm no new Prospector will drop on the map until the storm ends.

The storm is split into two phases:

  • Storm ( 3min )
  • Storm Peak ( 1min 40sec)

During the entire storm it becomes pitch-black and therefore hard to see. When the Storm reaches the Storm Peak period, lightning will strike more often.


During the storm, Prospectors cannot call an Evac Ship at an Evac location. Ships called before the storm started will still land during the storm.


Lightning will strike during the storm. There are two types of lightning:

  1. Lighting that strikes around the position of a player. A warning animation will play for ~1sec, and then the lightning will strike that location. If it hits the player, it deals roughly 50 damage. It deals less damage the farther away the player is from the center of the lightning strike. Lightning damage is mitigated by the equipped armor.
  2. Lightning that strikes a point outside the map, which lights up the entire map for a few seconds. This happens roughly every 20 seconds.


The Teratomorphic Energy Field, more commonly known as The Cycle, is a hazardous radiation effect that encompasses the entire planet of Fortuna III, though there exist 'windows' that allow for humans, and their technology, to operate without suffering the worst effects.

Initially only causing delicate equipment to malfunction, each wave, found to be following a predictable cadence, increased in intensity until basic machinery failed entirely and colonists were left unconscious for the duration. Less than a month after the colonies were evacuated the energy field settled over the entire world, with its ebb and flow causing terrible storms over the areas not fully covered by The Cycle.

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