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Upcoming Patch

Version 3.0.0
Release Date March 29, 2023

The next known upcoming path will be 3.0.0 and the release of Season 3.

Season 3

Season 3 is fast approaching and will contain many changes and additions to the game. For more information on those changes, please visit the Season 3 page.

Beyond season 3

Content in-work without public timeline

Known content being worked on

Hinted content and rumors

Currently known issues

Known issues from latest Patch-notes

  • Hunter Vision will remain disabled for now as we're still trying to figure out issues with it.
  • Weapons
    • There are multiple hit registration issues present at the edge of the AOE when shooting with the Komrad.
    • No-reg hitmarkers and kill markers reports are being investigated by the team. 
  • Fortuna Pass
    • Claiming an Archetype displays duplicate body parts beside it (Chest, Gloves, Boots).
    • After completing one level purchase in the 'Fortuna Pass', the next consecutive purchase displays the icons of items from the previous purchase.
  • Gear visibility
    • In match, Prospectors doesn't see their Backpack (can be evident when emoting) but can see other Prospector Backpacks.

Known issues from previous Patch-notes

  • Player Reporting
    • It can happen that you get stuck when reporting another player. A restart will fix this and we have it on our "to fix ASAP" list.

Known issues mentioned outside Patch-notes

See also


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  11. Justin, Discord Announcement: "We are partnering with NVIDIA and upgrading from DLSS2 to DLSS3 in the near future!"
  12. Feralus, Discord Message: "We are however also looking into improvements when it comes to beeing more clear about the trusted / untrusted meaning and status within the game."
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  19. Justin, Discord Message: "We recently found something in our investigation there. Hopefully we can continue to adjust those, as we do have an idea of why that's happening." was stated in response to "@Justin is there a reason the spawns haven't been adjusted yet or are we gonna keep getting spawn camped for the rest of S2?"
  20. Justin, Discord Message: "I know its being investigated, but I personally am not the one investigating, so - Known issue, being worked on" was stated in response to "like insuring stuff and not getting kmarks or anything back"
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