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Prospector is the title given to those that brave going down to the planet's surface. Initially a legal requirement for anyone putting their life at risk to mine for valuable minerals, it's now a common moniker for the "heroes" that keep the station alive.

Prospector also serves as the title given to all players in The Cycle: Frontier. On this wiki, it refers either to the player reading the wiki (singular), or to players in the game (plural).


While the first Prospectors had a life expectancy of fewer than a dozen jumps, technological advancements, courtesy of Osiris, have allowed for most Prospectors to survive lethal encounters thanks to the installation of emergency safety foam as a standard in all prospectors' suits.


This table lists stats the prospector has in the game. This is used to determine how the character acts in certain situations. If the stat can be altered by some mechanic in the game, it is listed as well.

Statistic Value Altered by
Maximum health 100 Altered Gear
Maximum stamina 100 Tactical Armor, Altered Gear
Base armor 0 Armor, Altered Gear
Armor scaling value 0.03
Walking Speed 357 Altered Gear
Sprint speed multiplier 1.91
Health regeneration 0 Restoration Armor, Altered Gear
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