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Armor can be worn by prospectors to decrease the damage taken from various sources. A prospector can equip one helmet and one shield at a time.

Properties of Armor

Armor (value)

The behavior of the damage values depends on the Penetration value of the damage source and the armor rating. If both are equal, the damage is applied normally. If the armor rating is higher, the damage gets reduced by some percentage, determined by the Penetration mechanic. Likewise, if the penetration value exceeds the armor rating, the damage increases.


Every armor piece has a durability that is reduced whenever the wearer takes damage. At the Printer you can repair your armor for a small amount of K-Marks. Durability does not impact how well the armor protects the wearer, unless its 0. Once the durability of an item reaches 0, the item stops protecting the wearer. The icon above the hotbar changes, indicating the item broke. When the item breaks, it stays in the inventory. It can then be repaired again at the Printer.

Armor variants

Some armor variants trade protection and durability for a boost:

  • "Tactical" armor increases stamina
  • "Restoration" armor regenerates health over time
  • The "NV" helmet enhances vision in dark areas


Image Name Armor Durability Bonus Buy/Crafting Price
Helmet Common.png Helmet (Common) 10 600
KMarks.png 380 K-Marks
Helmet Common.png Tactical Helmet (Common) 10 500 +10 Stamina
KMarks.png 380 K-Marks
Helmet Uncommon.png Helmet (Uncommon) 17 700
Helmet Uncommon.png Restoration Helmet (Uncommon) 17 600 0.1 health restoration per second
Helmet Uncommon.png Tactical Helmet (Uncommon) 17 600 +15 Stamina
Helmet Rare.png Helmet (Rare) 23 800
Helmet Rare.png Restoration Helmet (Rare) 23 700 0.2Hp per second
Helmet Rare.png Tactical Helmet (Rare) 23 700 +20 Stamina
Helmet Epic.png Helmet (Epic) 27 900
Helmet Epic.png Helmet (Exotic) 30 1000
Helmet Legendary.png NV Helmet (Legendary) 33 1000 Toggleable Night Vision


Image Name Armor Durability Bonus Buy/Crafting Price
Shield Common.png Shield (Common) 10 600
KMarks.png 450 K-Marks
Shield Common.png Tactical Shield (Common) 10 500 +20 Stamina
KMarks.png 680 K-Marks
Shield Uncommon.png Shield (Uncommon) 17 700
Shield Uncommon.png Tactical Shield (Uncommon) 17 600 +25 Stamina
Shield Uncommon.png Restoration Shield (Uncommon) 14 600 0.2Hp per second
Shield Rare.png Shield (Rare) 23 800
Shield Rare.png Tactical Shield (Rare) 23 700 +30 Stamina
Shield Rare.png Restoration Shield (Rare) 23 700 0.3 HP per second
Shield Epic.png Shield (Epic) 27 900
Shield Epic.png Shield (Exotic) 29 1000


These items are used in the following missions, jobs, upgrades, printing recipes:

Uncommon Restoration Shield


This item is required a total of 1 times to complete the following missions.

Time for More Work Part 4


This item is not required to complete any jobs.

Rare Shield


This item is not required to complete any missions.


This item is required to complete the following jobs.

Stashing Safety
Loadout Drop

Rare Helmet


This item is not required to complete any missions.


This item is required to complete the following jobs.

Loadout Drop