Rattler Skin

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Rattler Skin
Rattler Skin.png
RarityCommonRarity.svg Common
Spawn Locations
Weight8 UI-WeightIcon.png
K-Marks675 KMarks.png
K-Marks / Weight84 KMarks.png
Faction Reputation7 Reputation.png
Faction Rep / Weight0 Reputation.png

Rattler Skin is a CommonRarity.svgCommon drop which can be harvested by killing Rattlers.


Taken off a skinned Rattler

Fashionable! Just don't think about where it came from.


Can be harvested by killing Rattlers.


Rattler Skin.pngRattler Skin has one or multiple uses in The Cycle: Frontier. To complete all missions and quarter upgrades, this item is needed 38 times.

Uses for Rattler Skin
Type Quantity
Dangerous Science Part 5 1
Never Give Up Part 3 8
Research Costs Part 1 5
The Community Needs You Part 3 10
Lost Knowledge Part 2 6
Crafting Better Bags Part 2 5
Personal Quarters
Personal Quarters Level 2 3
Printing Recipes
Reinforced Tactical Helmet.pngReinforced Tactical Helmet 2
Reinforced Tactical Shields.pngReinforced Tactical Shields 8
Tactical Rear Grip.pngTactical Rear Grip 2
Reinforced Restorative Shields.pngReinforced Restorative Shields 8
Tactical Foregrip.pngTactical Foregrip 2
Reinforced Helmet.pngReinforced Helmet 2
Reinforced Restorative Helmet.pngReinforced Restorative Helmet 2
Reinforced Shields.pngReinforced Shields 5


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