Cloudy Veltecite

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Cloudy Veltecite
Cloudy Veltecite.png
Type Resource
Rarity Uncommon
Weight 3 UI-WeightIcon.png
Sell value 570 UI-KMarks.png
Value per weight 190 UI-KMarks.png
Faction Points 6
Faction reputation per weight 2 Weight icon.png

Cloudy Veltecite is an uncommon ore found on Fortuna III. It is abundant close to water.

In-Game description

Shards of Cloudy Veltecite are often used for enery storage and generation. Korolev are always looking for any that prospectors can mine.


Can be found all over Fortuna III especially as harvestable ores around rivers and lakes.


This item is used in the following missions, jobs, upgrades, printing recipes:


This item is required a total of 14 times to complete the following missions.

What a Tool! Part 1
Good Honest Work Part 2


This item is not required to complete any jobs.

Printing Recipes

Personal Quarter

Cloudy Veltecite is used in the following Personal Quarters upgrades

Generator Upgrades

Generator Level Upgrade Quantity
K-Marks Cap 2 3/5 3x
Aurum Rate 4 1/5 1x
Aurum Cap 4 4/5 4x

Inventory Upgrades


Workbench Upgrades


Quarters Upgrades