Heavy Strider Flesh

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Heavy Strider Flesh
Heavy Strider Flesh.png
Type Creature
Rarity Rare
Weight 8 UI-WeightIcon.png
Sell value 5126 KMarks.png
Value per weight 641 KMarks.png
Faction Points 51
Faction reputation per weight 6.4 Weight icon.png

Strider Flesh is a rare item found as harvested from Heavy Striders on Fortuna III.

In-Game description

A chunk of flesh from a Heavy Strider. Tougher than normal Strider meat, it barely bleeds.


Can be harvested by killing Heavy Strider.


Personal Quarter

Heavy Strider Flesh is used in the following Personal Quarters upgrades

Generator Upgrades

Generator Level Upgrade Quantity
K-Marks Cap 6 1/5 12x
Aurum Rate 7 4/5 11x

Inventory Upgrades


Workbench Upgrades


Quarters Upgrades

Quarters Level Upgrade Quantity
Quarters 5 1/1 5x