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Strider Basic.webp
Danger Low
Hit Points 32Hit Points Icon.png
Armor 17Armor Icon.png
Speed 202-750Increased walk speed.png
Drops Spinal Base.png Strider Flesh.png Strider Head.png Charged Spinal Base.png
Heavy Strider basic.png
Danger Medium
Hit Points 150Hit Points Icon.png
Armor 27Armor Icon.png
Speed 202-750Increased walk speed.png
Drops Spinal Base.png Heavy Strider Flesh.png Heavy Strider Head.png Charged Spinal Base.png

A small but fast creature capable of chasing down prospectors, biting and slashing them with its claws. Easy to kill, but there is always more than one. Like every hostile creature they will attack players as soon as they're alerted of their presence.


When in a passive state, the Strider can do two different actions: The first is sleeping on the ground for some time, during which it's blind, but can still be alerted by noises. Alternatively, the Strider can roam around an area, effectively patrolling it.

When a Strider enters the combat state it will bark at the player, alerting other Creatures nearby of the prospectors presence, before attacking them. Any sleeping creature will be woken up by the barks and also attack the prospector.


If the Strider reaches a prospector it will attack them with bite and slash attacks. A Strider cannot jump or climb, which means that a prospector can stand on a ledge or object and the Strider will not be able reach them.

A light attack from a Knife kills a regular Strider in one hit, making it an effective way to take out Striders in relative silence.


Killing a Strider has the chance to drop some Loot. Killing a Strider during the Storm increases the drop chances for some items.

Strider Variants

The Strider has one variant, the Heavy Strider.

Heavy Strider

The Heavy Strider is a grey Strider with stronger statistics like 150Hit Points Icon.pngHit Points, 27Armor Icon.pngArmor and 10Heavy Converter.pngPenetration for his attack. Instead of the dropping Strider Flesh and Strider Head Heavy Striders can drop Heavy Strider Flesh and Heavy Strider Head.

A charging Heavy Strider is faster than a sprinting prospector and can attack while moving, which means it's impossible to outrun one in an open field.

Detailed Information

This is detailed information about the Strider

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Damage Zones

The Strider recieves 1.8 Times the damage at his head, neck, jaw and spine


Melee Attack

This attack can be dodged by climbing on top of something high enough or just running away from the Strider

Image Gallery

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Update Notes

Patch 2.7.0
  • Health reduced from 40 to 35
Patch 2.6.0
  • Striders have been taught how to wait their turn and we introduced a global cooldown for Strider attacks to prevent all from attacking at the same time when surrounding the player
Closed Beta 2.3
  • Reduced chase distance
  • Reduced peripheral vision when idle
  • Reduced sight distance
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