Resin Gun

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Resin Gun
TypeHousing, Farming
Rarity Uncommon
Spawn Locations
K-Marks / Weight152
Faction Reputation8
Faction Rep / Weight1

A Resin Gun is an Uncommon item found as loot on Fortuna III. This item is very rare on Bright Sands, but Crescent Falls has it in relatively high quantities.


Multi purpose tool, handy for sticking things together or providing flexible insulation.

The warning label says to not use if you need a warning label.

Spawn location

Spawn chance per container
ContainerMax spawn chance
Civilian Locker Tier 11.39%
Civilian Locker Tier 28.42%
Civilian Locker Tier 315.24%
Civilian Locker Tier 412.7%
Civilian Locker Tier 59.47%
Cooler Tier 12.01%
Cooler Tier 212.21%
Cooler Tier 322.1%
Cooler Tier 419.68%
Cooler Tier 513.05%


Resin Gun has one or multiple uses in The Cycle: Frontier. To complete all missions and quarter upgrades, this item is needed 43 times.

Uses for Resin Gun
Type Quantity
Field Research Part 11 2
Back to Basics Part 1 3
Crafting Better Bags Part 1 5
What a Tool! Part 4 2
Flexible Sealant 8
Personal Quarters
K-Marks Generator Cap 2.5 9
Reduce PQ Upgrade Time 1.3 2
Aurum Generator Rate 4.3 8
Increase Stash Size 2.2 2
Personal Quarters Level 5 10


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