Bright Sands

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Bright Sands is a semi-tropical region located on Fortuna III. Its Danger Level is low, consisting mostly of grasslands, jungle, swamps, and mesa.

The map view of Bright Sands

This region consists of a central area, the Base Camp, which is flanked on all sides by the different biomes. There are rivers running through the region, which start from the Lake and end at the ocean (bottom of the map).

Each biome has its own respective danger level that dictates enemy difficulty and loot value. This also affects the types of enemies spawned.


Jungle - High danger - This is denoted on the map as the dark-green area around the top-left of the map. The enemies here can be extremely overwhelming, especially around any points of interest. However, the loot is highly valuable, especially around the Crashed Ship.

"Grasslands/Forest" (No official name) - Low danger (?) - This is denoted on the map as the light-green area around the middle-center and middle-right of the map. The enemies here are fairly tame is most areas. This is the largest area on the map.

Swamp - Moderate danger - This is denoted on the map as the washed out red-yellow area around the bottom-left of the map. The enemies here are manageable, but can be overwhelming if not dealt with. The Ticks is a unique enemy here that can kill or deal heavy damage to prospectors, and make little to no noise.

"Oceanside" (No official name) - Moderate Danger (?) - This is denoted on the map as the red area around the bottom-middle and bottom-right of the map. Outside of points of interest, enemies are rarely found. The Water Facility, Science Campus, and lagoon are the most dangerous areas. Science campus is a popular location for prospectors to be, and is often fought at. Take care when looting and killing creatures. Lagoon is low danger, but meteorite storms can bring marauders to the area, making it difficult to loot without appropriate equipment.


Bright Sands enjoys a rapidly switching weather cycle, between dawn, day, dusk, storm, storm peak. One weather cycle on Bright Sands lasts 38min 40sec. Prospectors are only able to spawn in the Match during the dawn and day. The Match starts in the day phase. It then cycles through them in order for the entire time the match is up, which is typically 6 hours.

  • Day ( 16min 40sec)
  • Dusk ( 13min 20sec)
  • Storm ( 3min )
  • Storm Peak ( 1min 40sec)
  • Dawn ( 4min )


Bright Sands contains many places of interest. Below is a list of all locations currently found on the Bright Sands map.

Named Locations

These locations have a name shown on the in-game map.

Other Locations

These locations are not named on the in-game map but are still visited during Missions.



On Bright Sand a big variety of loot can be found. Since Bright Sands is the easier map, the loot that can be found on it usually isn't as good as the loot found on Crescent Falls. Normally there is not much loot with a higher rarity than rare to be found on Bright Sands. But at some points of interest with a higher Danger Level like the Crashed Ship or the Jungle Camp Prospectors are still able to find very rare and valuable resources like Gyroscope or Portable Lab.


On Bright Sands, depending on the Danger Level, Strider, Rattler and Marauder as well as their stronger variants: Heavy Strider and Mature Rattler can be found, the Marauders stronger version Savage Marauder is currently only found on the second map Crescent Falls. In the Swamp and the Jungle there are also groups of Blast Ticks and Acid Ticks lingering around.




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