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Marauder basic.webp
Danger Medium
Hit Points 400Hit Points Icon.png
Armor 32Armor Icon.png
Speed 300-750Increased walk speed.png
Drops Hardened Bone Plates.png Marauder Flesh.png Marauder Head.png
Savage Marauder basic.webp
Danger High
Hit Points 650Hit Points Icon.png
Armor 35Armor Icon.png
Speed 300-750Increased walk speed.png
Drops Hardened Bone Plates.png Savage Marauder Flesh.png Savage Marauder Head.png

The Marauder, also known as Jeff, is a formidable creature capable of attacking prospectors from a distance with two different spit attacks as well as two different melee attacks. It is very fast with high Hit Points and high Armor. Like every hostile creature, the Marauder will attack the player upon being alerted by sight or sound.


When in a passive state, the Marauder has several actions it can do: It may patrol the area; perform a smelling animation, during which the creature is blind (this animation is purely cosmetic. It cannot detect players this way); it may sit down and scratch its weakspot with one of its claws. The Marauder is also blind while doing this.

The Marauder is the only creature capable of sneaking. It may move in a near-silent, crouched position, when investigating player-made noises. This greatly increases the chances that a prospector might stumble into it and vice-versa.

When a Marauder enters the combat state, it will roar, alerting nearby creatures of the player's presence, before attacking.


Upon noticing a prospector, the Marauder will roar to signal being alerted.

Although capable of ranged attacks, the Marauder will prioritize melee attacks whenever there's a walkable path between it and the player. It will usually perform a weaker melee attack that can be dodged but not easily interrupted, and follow it up with a stronger attack that covers a great area, but needs time to charge, during which it reveals its weakspot. Enough damage to the weakspot will interrupt its charged attack. This attack can only be initiated if the last swing was with his right hand (left for the player).

If its target is unreachable, it will switch to ranged attacks. The first ranged attack it may do is a quick direct shot to the player. After shooting, it may roar exposing its weakspot. The second possible ranged attack needs time to be charged, during which the creature is vulnerable. If it does finish charging the attack, however, it will launch a slower moving projectile in an arcing trajectory that deals direct damage if it hits a player, but also explodes into a puddle of acid, slowing player movement and dealing damage over time if the player stands in it. If there's no line-of-sight between the player and the creature, the Marauder will prioritize using the charged ranged attack.


Killing a Marauder has the chance to drop some Loot. Killing a Marauder during the Storm increases the drop chances for some items.

Marauder anatomy.

Marauder Variants

The Marauder has one variant, the Savage Marauder.

Savage Marauder

The Savage Marauder is a green-orange Marauder with stronger statistics like 650Hit Points Icon.pngHit Points, 35Armor Icon.pngArmor, and 26Heavy Converter.pngPenetration for his attacks. Instead of Marauder Flesh and Marauder Head a Savage Marauder can drop Savage Marauder Flesh and Savage Marauder Head.

Detailed Information

This is detailed information about the Marauder.


Leave blank for now. - Information about health, armour, speed, etc. will come here. Datamined :)

Damage Zones

The Marauder takes no extra damage on any body zone other than its Eggsacks that gets revealed when it roars. Those eggsacks have orange, little, glowing bits and take 10 times more damage then the rest of the body.


Light Melee Attack:

The Marauder will usually do a combo of two of this attack, but it may do more, or only one. This attack can be dodged by jumping over the claw. Jump as soon as the Marauder starts pulling its arm back. This only works if the Prospector and Marauder are on the same terrain level or the Prospector is higher. No weak spot gets exposed during the attack.

Heavy Melee Attack:

This attack can only be dodged by getting behind or on top of an obstacle or getting really far away. Another way is to shoot the exposed weak spot during the Heavy Melee Attack. If enough damage is applied the Marauder will stagger back and stop its attack. The Heavy Melee Attack are two swings, which when combined can kill a Prospector incredibly quickly.

Ranged Attack:

The Marauder's primary ranged attack is normally used when the target is unreachable for a melee attack, but still in line of sight. The Ranged Attack can be dodged by changing the direction of movement while the Marauder is inside the shooting animation. The shot will fly in a straight line. The weak spot won't be shown during the whole attack, but it might after it finishes the attack.

Spit Attack:

The Marauder will use its secondary ranged attack when a Prospector is unreachable. When the projectile hits something, it will explode and spread puddles of acid around the point of impact. The arcing motion of the spit means it can hit a Prospector that's hiding behind cover. While charging the attack, the creature's weakspot will be visible. Dealing enough damage to it will stagger the Marauder and cancel the attack.


Leave blank for now. - A detailed chart will be drawn here.


Jeff got its name on the 22nd of June in 2021, when a Discord moderator named cc_Stalker_Ente got stuck on a rock below Skeleton Observation site for 30 minutes surrounded by 2 Marauders. Stalker used up all her ammunition trying to kill the Marauders, but then the storm began. While waiting out the storm Stalker watched an episode of the cartoon "American Dad" and decided to name the Marauder after "Jeff Fischer", one of the main characters of the show.

The name then spread throughout the players of Closed Alpha 2 and was commonly used during that time. At one occasion, one of the community managers had to explain to the developers who Jeff is. The name was spread further when a community member told Summit1g (a popular Twitch streamer with over 5 million followers) on stream that the Marauders are nicknamed Jeff. Summit1g used the name, and it has been in use ever since.

Update history

Patch 2.0.0


  • Increased weak spot damage multiplier from 5 to 10.
  • Increased first Stagger threshold from 10% damage within 1 second to 30% damage within 1.5 seconds.
  • Increased second Stagger threshold from 20% damage within 1 second to 50% damage within 1.5 seconds.
  • Changed its out of combat behavior: it will move around more within its roaming radius.


  • Puddle attack was reworked:
    • The puddle stays on the ground for 30 seconds (instead of 10 minutes) but is twice as damaging as before (10 damage per second instead of 5). They've finally learnt to clean after themselves.
    • The trajectory of the projectile was slightly revised to make it less likely to hit ceilings in caves. All this bowling training has paid off.
    • Increased frequency of use while out of melee range, resulting in more puddle throws between spitting attacks. Still gross tho.
  • New melee attack:
    • Added a quick swipe that does not expose the Marauder's weak point.
    • Melee pattern now alternates between that new quick attack that needs to be dodged and the old heavy attack that needs to be interrupted by staggering the beast.
Closed Beta 2.4
  • Marauders are now more likely to switch aggro when fighting multiple players at the same time.
Closed Beta 2.3
  • Reduced peripheral vision when idle
  • Reduced sight distance


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