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Why Discord?

Discord is text chat and voice chat software. It has a web version and a downloadable app version, both cost-free.

The Cycle: Frontier Wiki contributors use Discord to talk, think, and stay connected.

Joining allows you to:

  • Stay in the loop on current happenings.
  • Discuss wiki matters in real-time.
  • Give and receive as much input as possible on important wiki contributions.

We want you to join the The Cycle: Frontier Wiki Discord chat!


We use the official The Cycle: Frontier discord server to communicate. The channel we use to discuss is #wiki-discussions. Updates regarding the wiki as a whole will be posted in #wiki-updates. You can verify your discord account and get a special Wiki role using the following instructions. This will give you access to more wiki related channels.

To join, please follow this link and accept the invitation to The Cycle: Frontier. If you don't have an account, follow the prompts to create one.

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