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Rattler basic.webp
Danger Medium
Hit Points 140Hit Points Icon.png
Armor 27Armor Icon.png
Speed 160-700Increased walk speed.png
Drops Rattler Skin.png Rattler Eyes.png Rattler Head.png
Mature Rattler basic.webp
Danger High
Hit Points 250Hit Points Icon.png
Armor 29Armor Icon.png
Speed 160-700Increased walk speed.png
Drops Rattler Skin.png Mature Rattler Eyes.png Mature Rattler Head.png

The Rattler is a quadruped, armored insect-like creature that spits a stream of burning acid at prospectors before coming closer and attacking with its sharp claws.

Rattlers are not particularly dangerous on their own, but can overwhelm a player if part of a pack of monsters.


Similar to the Strider, when no prospectors are around the Rattler sleeps or wanders around looking for potential prey. When it notices a player, it screeches loudly, alerting nearby creatures of the player's presence, before engaging in combat.


The Rattler is capable of both melee and ranged attacks, but will prioritize keeping its distance and performing ranged attacks whenever possible. If the player approaches it, it will perform at least one melee attack, before quickly attempting to retreat. Sometimes it will choose to approach the player to perform a melee attack, before retreating again to spitting distance.

Once the Rattler commits to a ranged attack, it cannot move or change where it's aiming, leaving it vulnerable to attacks.

Both of the Rattler's attacks are heavily telegraphed and easy to avoid. Both the spit beam and the melee attack can simply be sidestepped.


Killing a Rattler has the chance to drop some Loot. Killing a Rattler during the Storm increases the drop chances for some items.

Rattler Variants

The Rattler has one variant, the Mature Rattler

Mature Rattler

The Mature Rattler is a white version of the Rattler with black and brown legs and increased stats. It has 250Hit Points Icon.pngHit Points, 29Armor Icon.pngArmor and its attacks have 10Heavy Converter.pngPenetration. Instead of Rattler Eyes and a Rattler Head Mature Rattlers can drop Mature Rattler Eyes and a Mature Rattler Head.

Detailed Information

This is detailed information about the Rattler.

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Damage Zones

The Rattler receives double damage on its head, neck, jaw and spine


Melee Attack
This attack can be dodged by either climbing a high enough obstacle. jumping over it, or sidestepping it.
Ranged Attack
  • 7Damage Icon.pngDamage every Tick
  • Duration: 000 Ticks
  • 5 / 10Heavy Converter.pngPenetration
  • 300 Units Range
  • Special feature: It is a Beam that goes in a straight line
This attack can be dodged by just moving left or right during the shooting animation


Image Gallery

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Update history

Patch 2.7.0
  • Health reduced from 150 to 140
Patch 2.6.0
  • Reduced Rattler Beam damage by 30%
Closed Beta 2.4
  • Rattlers are now more likely to switch aggro when fighting multiple players at the same time
Closed Beta 2.3
  • Reduced chase distance
  • Reduced sight distance


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