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Rattler basic.webp
Danger Medium
Health 150
Armor 26
Speed 160-700
Drops Rattler Skin.png Rattler Eyes.png Rattler Head.png

The Rattler is armored creature that spits a stream of burning acid at prospectors before coming closer and attacking with its insect like maw.


Similar to the Strider when no prospectors are around the Rattler sleeps or wanders around looking for potential prospectors. When it notices a prospector it makes a loud insect like screech, before it starts charging up its acid spitting attack to try killing the prospector

When a Rattler notices prospectors by either seeing or hearing them it screeches at the prospectors, informing other Creatures nearby about the prospectors being around. Then it will start attacking the prospector.


When the Rattler notices a prospector from seeing or hearing the prospector, it will either charge its acid spitting attack or come crawling towards the prospector fast for a melee attack. The acid spitting attack can be dodged easily by moving in any direction except towards the Rattler. If the Rattler comes in for a melee attack the prospector can run away, climb onto something, or shoot back at it.

Rattler Variants

The Rattler has one variant, the Mature Rattler

Mature Rattler

The Mature Rattler is a white version of the Rattler with black and brown legs. It has better armor, hit points, and damage than the regular Rattler. Instead of the drop Rattler Head Mature Rattlers can drop Mature Rattler Head

Detailed Information

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Update History

Closed Beta 2.4
  • Rattlers are now more likely to switch aggro when fighting multiple players at the same time
Closed Beta 2.3
  • Reduced chase distance
  • Reduced sight distance