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Crusher basic.webp
Danger ???
Hit Points 3000Hit Points Icon.png
Armor 32Armor Icon.png
Speed 90-500Increased walk speed.png
Drops Crusher Hide.png Crusher Flesh.png Crusher Head.png
Alpha Crusher basic.webp
Danger ???
Hit Points 10000Hit Points Icon.png
Armor 35Armor Icon.png
Speed 90-500Increased walk speed.png
Drops Crusher Hide.png Crusher Flesh.png Alpha Crusher Head.png

A massive creature with thick armor and a giant health pool. It can throw rocks, charge at prospectors, and slam the ground around itself. All of its attacks are devastating.


When the Crusher has not spotted a prospector it roams around its spawn area.

When a Crusher notices a prospector it unleashes a deafening roar. This alerts other creatures in the area of the prospectors presence.


The Crusher has 4 different attacks.

  • Charge attack: the Crusher turns blue and runs at the prospector for a powerful melee attack.
  • Slam attack: the Crusher slams its fists on the ground, damaging any prospector close to it.
  • Light rock throw: the crusher forms a rock from the ground and throws it at the prospector.
  • Heavy rock throw: the crusher forms a rock from the ground using the two grabbers on its back. This attack takes longer to charge, but does higher damage than the light rock throw.

The Crusher's weak spot is located on its back beneath its grabbers. If the orange ankles of the Crusher take enough damage, it will cancel whatever attack its performing. It then kneels over, and is stunned for a short time.


Killing a Crusher has the chance to drop some Loot. Killing a Crusher during the Storm increases the drop chances for some items.

Crusher Variants

The Crusher has one variant, the Alpha Crusher.

Alpha Crusher

This variant can exclusively be found in the Crusher Caverns on Crescent Falls. It is a stronger variant serving as the boss monster in the dungeon. The Alpha Crusher does not drop Crusher Head but can drop Alpha Crusher Head and Alpha Crusher Heart.

Detailed Information

This is detailed information about the Crusher


Health - 3000

Armor - 32

Speed - 90-500

Damage Zones

The Crusher as well as the Alpha Crusher have 2 weakspots. Those weakspots have an orange/red color and are located on the back of the Crusher and on its feet near its ankles. Shooting the Crushers weakspot on its back will only deal crit damage; however, the weakspots on the Crusher's feet will, after having sustained enough damage, cause the Crusher to fall to its knees and be stunned for a brief period. After having been stunned the Crusher's lower weakspots will disappear for a brief moment and reappear shortly.

(Note: When stunning the Crusher during its heavy attack the stun duration will be doubled.)


Light Melee Attack

Can be dodged either by running away fast enough or climbing on top of something.

Heavy Melee Attack

Can be dodged by either running away or climbing on top of something. Note: This attack can still hit on top of obstacles if too close to the monster.

Charge Melee Attack

Can be dodged by either running away far or by climbing on top of something

Light Ranged Attack

Can be dodged by either standing behind cover like a tree or moving to left or right while the Crusher is inside the throwing animation, similar to the Marauder ranged attack. The rock also is not flying straight but in a small curve.

Heavy Ranged Attack

Can be dodged like the Light Ranged Attack


Leave blank for now. - A detailed chart will be drawn here.


The laminated effect of the Ivory Tessellation weapon coating is achieved by using Crusher skulls as a main ingredient in the coating's manufacturing process.

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