SOS Sign

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SOS Sign
SOS Sign 1.png
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square D7
Danger Level High

The SOS Sign is a place of interest in the South of Bright Sands.


The SOS Sign a location on Bright Sands on the south beach, consisting of a SOS Sign made out of rocks in the sand by people left during the evacuation.


The area is mainly visited when dropping into Bright Sands or for the mission Doing the Work Part 1, which requires prospectors to find the SOS Sign.

Situated just below the south mountain of Water facility and consisting of very little cover, prospectors should move quickly as they leave themselves open to ambushes in the area.



There is a Dumpster and 2 Industrial Creates in the area, as well as occasional lose-loot.

Too the north-west, between Water Facility and SOS Sign is a hill which occasionally have Meteors crashing down, providing for possible Meteor Core and Meteor Fragments.

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