Dig Site

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Dig Site
Dig site entrance.png
Map Bright Sands
Grid Square D2
Danger Level Medium
Faction Korolev

Dig site is a place of interest in the northern part of Bright Sands.


Dig Site is the biggest Korolev facility on Bright Sands. What used to be a thriving area for mining Nickel and Titan ore is now an overgrown, lifeless husk full of nesting creatures and broken machinery. Dig Site has two main entrances, framed by large gates and Korolev statues. The site itself consist of a large mine building on the north side, a smaller civilian building to the east and a train platform to the west. Though abandoned by humans, many creatures have decided to settle down in the area. The large mine building is often occupied by creatures taking refuge in the cover, shade and protection the mine provides. Other creatures can be seen roaming near the entrances or in the open middle area of the site.

Mine Entrance

The main attraction of Dig Site. Located on the northern end, the mine entrance is a large towering structure situated in the cliffside. At the bottom of it is the entrance to the mines, large overgrown gate in the middle with two smaller ones on the side. The interior is cave-like, with metal supports and barriers. Along the walls Nickel and Titan deposits can be found, along with some industrial crates. This is also the most dangerous area of Dig Site, housing a Marauder and multiple Striders and Rattlers

Civilian Building

Located at the south side of Dig Site, the civilian building is considerably smaller than the main mine. The interior is dark and in a bad state. Broken glass, destroyed furniture and trash everywhere on the floor. On the bottom floor a room with bunk beds and lockers can be found, probably providing housing to the personnel working at Dig Site. Located next to it is a room with large industrial showers. On the top floor we can find a bar area with drinks, tables, tables and a jukebox. The main feature of the top floor is a large meeting room with paintings and a large office table with multiple chairs. Inside the building, lockers and industrial crates can be found.

Train Station

Situated on the west end of Dig Site next to the Jungle the train station contains a loading platform with cranes and other machinery. It was used to load cargo onto the mag train which would then carry it to other areas before finally arriving at Base Camp.



Battery Puzzle

A special feature of Dig Site is a battery puzzle. The puzzle has 2 different variations with 2 different locked buildings (one under the train station and one under the east cliff near the main mine entrance) and two different "central power" locations (one in the middle of the site and one on the balcony of the civilian building). To complete the puzzle players might have to move the batteries around to turn off force-fields or lasers that make noise when triggered and bring all of them to the center location. Once all three batteries are gathered, the locked building will be powered up and the players can interact with the door to open it. The reward for completing the puzzle is always a reactor and some other random loot found in the locked building.


All over Bright Sands, posters talking about a "Dig Site Strike" can be seen. The miners of Dig Site were unhappy with the way Korolev used the money they made. A lot of graffiti depicting Korolev higher ups as greedy pigs in suits can be found on the walls all over Dig Site. Dead bodies, skeletons and corpses can be found everywhere, most of them hidden in body bags. It appears that Korolev Paladins put a fast stop to the riots using force and violence. Bullets holes in walls, burnt ground and craters from explosive weaponry are a good indication of the battle that might have taken place. All signs point to the Korolev forces winning in the end, with riot graffiti sprayed over with Korolev logos and other messages. To this day, Dig Site serves as a grim reminder to Korolev's dark past.

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