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Crashed Drill Site

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Crashed Drill Site
BS Crashed Drill Site.webp
Map Bright Sands
Grid Square E3/E4
Danger Level Low (?)
Faction Korolev

Crashed Drill Site is a place of interest in the Center part of Bright Sands, close to East Collection Point.


The Crashed Drill Site can be found on Bright Sands, between East Collelction Point and North Uplink. It features the remnants of a giant letium drill, left during construction. The area have since become damaged by the weather, overgrown and inhabited by creatures.


The area contains lose loot, containers and the Laser Drill Control Unit, which can be found next to the Old Drill Head and is required for the Campaign mission Heavy Construction Part 2.



The area contains Dumpsters and industrial lose loot below the drill, along the broken fence.

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